Should I let my branch float or slide?


I’ve got Civil at NIT Jaipur in 2nd allotment. And I’m sure I’ll get mechanical in NIT Kurukshetra in next round. But the thing is that , even though I’ve filled NIT Kurukshetra, but I don’t want to go there. And I might get some branches and institutes I’ve kept above NIT Kurukshetra Mechanical , but it’s risky , I might get stuck at NIT Kurukshetra mechanical . So should I slide my branch (better branch in same institute) in NIT Jaipur or let it float.


Your question has the answer hidden within. You know that you don't want to go to NIT Kurukshetra and also you know that there are high chances that you will get it in the next cutoff then according to me you should choose slide as it will leave the probability of getting NIT Kurukshetra.

Something similar happened with me during my counseling... I had NSIT IT at 2nd and IIITD CSAM at 4th. I had thought that i will get CSAM and I will freeze there... But unfortunately/fortunately (God Knows) I got IT in that cutoff. I had then no option left but to take IT.


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Hi Ishita
i would suggest you to fill the option of float unless you have a very specific and strong reason of not going to NIT kurukshetra .It might sound very philosophical but you should not limit your opportunities by choosing to freeze the college you have got.
With that said if you could shed some light on why you don't want NIT kurukshetra i would be able to help you better.
P.S.Choose wisely