Should I go for New Pattern Cengage or Arihant?


Should I go for new pattern cengage or arihant as I am weak at maths,i am preparing for 2019,I am finding my self unable to deal with chapter like quadratic equations at time even though I know all the formulas and the theory but while application. I fall short,in Chapters like p&c which I like a lot ,I am very good at it but Chapters like coordinate geometry is now troubling me. To resolve this issue my teacher suggested me to try arihant but I wasn't able to do much of it and in temptation ended up looking for answers for most the questions, please help?

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First of all clear your basics..Solve ncert first. after that u can go for cengage. Cengage raises the level from basics..

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New pattern cengage doesn't have theory its a book of questions only. I think you need a basic book first so that you can gain confidence and then do better. I think you should start with rd sharma whenever you start a topic. First see its theory and examples, try out its problems. dont do all of its questions and rather skip out The similar ones. Once that is done your mains level will be complete and basics would be better. Then you should see theory from arihant and then its questions. Do it all in a very ordered way because maths requires lots of understanding and once you understand all is easy. The chapters you mention as your weak points are mostly conceptual and so i suggest you brushing basics And practicing basics more first AnD then up your level. You get my point?


First, start from the most basic, preferably NCERT. It will help you to get into the "thinking" for any related question. Also get the fundamentals clear by practicing NCERT exercises and the chapter ending Additional Exercises.
After that, if you feel confident enough then first read theory and then try questions of Arihant or Cengage.
If you still feel under-confident, try NCERT Exemplar. It has very good questions basically to increase the thinking abilities towards a concept of that chapter. Free pdf copy is available on the official website of NCERT.


I will advice you to go for cengage series as it changes according to the new pattern of Jee, and it has sufficient solved examples of every concept, so you will get to learn everything from scratch.
There are enough objective and subjective questions in the book for you to practice.


Hello,new pattern cengage is a problem book but as your basics are weak you should strengthen them from a theory book like NCERT. After this you can move on to RD Sharma and try its problems.No need to solve all if you feel that you are comfortable.After all this is done and you are confident about your basics you can try cengage.