Should college studies be started now to get high grades in 1st yr for branch change?


Should college studies be started now to get high grades in 1st yr for branch change?


Lol i have seen people gettin 9+ gpa by studying before 1 week of exams.


You can go to the IIT's website and see the course structure to get an idea. Also you can go to NPTEL and look for basic courses (sem 1 &2) . But it's not really required as of now.
You can try programming basics , as it's a mandatory course irrespective of your Branch


Ok thanks!

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Please dont do that. Enjoy the little time you have left before academics begins.

Just relax! Why worry so much!

If you are motivated to change your branch, you'll easily make it.


Thank you Sir!
Btw what you opted at iit gn?

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Sir, I opted for mechanical engineering in my first year. However, sir, I then switched to electrical engineering after my first yeaar.

Thank you sir.




Thanks Sir!

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@Praveen_Venkatesh pls share your journey for branch change like how should one study

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Where are you going ??


iit roorkee bro.... what about you?


I study at IITGn where the story is very different compared to old iits.

Competition is much lesser. I know u guys won't believe when I say that I study only before exams so I'll tell u the truth.

I studied only before exams.

Nothing more nothing less. I did do all my assignments on time tho (I mean, obviously, anyone would do it if it's graded.)

It gave me a cpi where I could migrate to any branch that I want (including CS). I took EE voluntarily.

IIT is quite chill. I have only 1 tip for u. Be very energetic in your first year. Explore every damn thing. Grab every opportunity u get for anything (not talking about acads here.), But study when it's necessary. Basically study such that u follow everything thats being taught in class.


I m going to iitk aerospace but I will try for bc


if you didnt get a branch of your choice and you want upgradation,then definetly you should study for atleast one hour everyday because there will be many students who will definitely go for branch change and only a fixed number of seats are reserved for upgradation .
yes,its a true fact that people studying a week before exams also get good cgpa,but why to take risk when you are targeting something


I advise you to keep everything balanced as in first year you have the time to explore your interests so do take part in co-curricular activities and simultaneously take out 1-2 hours daily for studies. Branch change also depends on a bit of luck so check how some of your branchmates who are considering for branch change managing their schedule. In IITs you can score great by just getting serious one day before the exams.