Share Questions which are "not Hard but require Deep Thinking"


As JEE-A is arriving, i am creating this thread to share question which you guys feel are "not hard per se but require deep thinking" which JEE Demands cause with each year there is a rise in such Quality Question.
I hope you'd understand what this thread is for and will abide to the same.

And it would be appreciated if Class XI Friends could resist sharing problems in this thread till JEE'18 . Hope you friends understand and will support.



A good q..

The below q isn't for Jee adv aspirants.. But only for 5% people who are extremely intelligent Screenshot_20180323-235606


First question multiple choice?



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I have been thinking about that fruit question for the past 15 minutes , and , I don't even have a clue about how to even proceed solving it ..


It is deceptively simple. @system_32


1st question answer is A C? @Amay_2018

@Vivek_Pamnani How simple? It looks complicated as hell. Positive whole numbers, its messing with my head.

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AC is correct


I got a 4 b-1 c 11. But b is not positive :confounded: Also it's getting too complex using congruences. My friend says it can be easily solved using graph theory. How u solved @Amay_2018 bro


Need solution for the MCQ....Not getting it


No matter how I try to solve it , I can't find a solution with all three being positive integers . @Vivek_Pamnani


What kind of graph did wolframalpha show ?
I wrote the equation in the cubic form , but I don't know how that would look like ..


It is not easily solvable by graph theory..
Unless you know how to solve a diophantine equation by converting an elliptic curve into its weisertrass form and then finding many integer solutions by plotting tangents to curve and moving to the next point and so on till u find positive integral solutions..

(highly computational)
I never solved this sum as I don't consider myself to be top 5% xD
Below are the smallest positive whole solutions attached

APPLES = 154476802108746166441951315019919837485664325669565431700026634898253202035277999,

banana= 36875131794129999827197811565225474825492979968971970996283137471637224634055579,

pineapple =4373612677928697257861252602371390152816537558161613618621437993378423467772036


What an ans!!!


Azimuddin bro, please try the question I attached.. For advanced aspirants.. I feel u will enjoy it as u like RMO type maths (this is not of RMO but I think of ISI.. Not sure)
It is really very simple q but small trick is there


Which question? Infinite series one?




yeah, not rmo type


Oh ok... Then leave it I thought questions come like that of rmo

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bro no calculus question comes in rmo. But I will try when I completed 12th syllabus Or integration part