Share objective approches and shortcuts in mathematics jee main (mocks)

@Shwetanshu_2018 sir , @Samrat_2020 , @Tushar_2019 sir , @Soumyadeep_2019

  • i m willing to get shortcuts approches because it will help me in jee main mocks and other exam
    as its better to know whole concept but for exam point of view its important

  • please share whatever shortcut approches u find


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  • the main reason to make thread in my mock paper i can solve 55 question some time more but after knowing the question not able to solve upto 70 question..

Thanks sneha

@pratyaksh_2019 sir..

For mathematics , usually whenever question is given in general terms like summation from 1 to n then you can put some small value of n like 2 and verify with the options

For questions of integration, we all know that options can be differentiated, but still it becomes very complicated sometimes to simplify them to get them to the format as presented in the questions .
So simply differentiate options and don’t simplify them , rather put some value like x=0 in the question and options , this works most of the times


Before solving a question always look for methods to insert values inside questions. Solution of triangle questions are easily solvable by using an equilateral triangle.
Apart from this make sure you understand the concept of dimensions from physics and carry it over to maths.
For ex: if you are asked about the length of a segment make sure you check the dimensions of the options. If the input in the questions is a and b which represent length then there should be an option like \frac{a^2+b^2}{\sqrt{ab}} which may be the right option. NTA has caught up to this trick in physics but is still observable in maths.
I know this trick is widely known but in physics. Most people do not realise that you can use it in maths as well.

Lastly if you cannot solve questions of co-ordinate and you see the options only differ in signs, just plot the graphs. For this learn how to plot and analyse graphs correctly.
Mostly, you can atleast determine the rough position of your answer. This is enough to mark your answer in most cases. But identifying which questions to solve and which to apply tricks on is an art in itself.

Also JEE mains is very limited when it comes to syllabus. No need to venture and explore mathematical phenomena outside your syllabus. Once you get into an good college you will get ample opportunities to do so. However people will always work to get ahead of you in JEE mains. So focus there and you may be able to maximise your score.

Also please share any tricks you already use for everyone to benefit and so that we can see what the newer aspirants are doing.
Have a nice day.

  1. For questions of solutions of triangle, right angled triangle and equilateral triangle cases helps in most of the questions .
  2. For Trigonometry questions , instead of solving in terms of Ѳ , putting some value of Ѳ like 45 degree helps a lot

thanks @pratyaksh_2019 bro , @Shwetanshu_2018 bro as always u r best..

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most of question inform a^2+b^2 or may be root can be solved using cauchy inequalities..

like \int_{0}^{\frac{\pi}{2} }\frac{sin^2x}{sin^2x+cos^2x} dx < \int_{0}^{\frac{\pi}{2}} 1 dx
this is shortest way to find this ever many question r in jee main and some time previous advanced to u can solve in 1 sec..

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lots of shortcut whenever i will get new i will try to share..

This could have been directly solved as

sir i told as a shortcut i know king and add is easy the shortcut is applicable when power of denominator is 4 nd more in examination point of view it wrk by checking options