Share methods to solve complex circuit problems

Plz share some tricks/methods to solve complex circuit problem via giving at least one example that can be solved using your method.

One thing that I think you must be knowing is about the star-delta connections.Here's the formula and it's derivation. It is useful many a times.


Star delta method is not in jee syllabus it is better to solve majority of problem through symmetry.

I agree @Ankith_2020 that star Delta is not in JEE syllabus but it does helps in saving time. Many a times it is better to know a few things beyond JEE syllabus in order to solve those higher level questions... Especially this is the case with JEE Advance. They expect you to solve higher level problems with no knowledge of those concepts but if seen from a different approach, it will always be within the limits of JEE syllabus. This thought process might be time consuming and it may not strike especially during the exam.


I agree with you that it that it is helpful while solving some problems but jee already have a very vast syllabus and covering up everything in syllabus with good concept and practice is itself a big deal. I hope you understand. Last year I spent a lot of time in solving problems which is not in jee syllabus and I am regretting.


True what you are saying @Ankith_2020 but I also agree with @Mayank_2019_1 that some facts of an edge over the skill needed for JEE are not bad. The mentioned conversion of delta to star or vice versa is a very good tool, more because in JEE, we generally only have combination of resistors and not RLC in electric circuit solving, and there, this method becomes utterly useful.


Thanks for your help.

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