Shall I take transfer to FIITJEE South Delhi or else join Allen Kota?


I am in fiitjee patna class 10 four year program.

So during class 11 & 12, have 2 options:

a. Either i transfer to fiitjee south delhi for remaining 2 yrs
b. I should leave fiitjee and join another institute like Allen Kota?

I am not so intelligent

Please let me know which would be a better options with reasons. Thanks.

Should i go for reso rrb or motion frm(mains+adv.) Or vjsp (adv.)

Whether you should go to kota or not depends on a number of factors which include, if you will be able to live away from home, and study without getting distracted, because most of the people get distracted after going to kota.
Coaching institutes doesn't play a major role in your selection in iit-jee, they only provide you guidance regarding your preparation. So, you can join any of the institutes,as both are reputed and will guide you well.


In my opinion you should stay in FIITJEE and complete the remaining study. Have faith in you and remember it's a two year and put consistent effort, have good foundation on everything.


Fiitjee south delhi will be good or allen kota


In my opinion if you are comfortable with the way of fiitjee and also it has a good reputation you may join fiitjee delhi but if you think that you can control and stay focused in kota than allen kota option is definitely preferable.


Hello,I have been a student of Allen kota so my answer may be a bit biased but if you aren't distracted then kota is an excellent place(don't get depressed after hearing horrifying stories from kota).

FIITJEE Delhi is also a good option and almost comparable with allen kota in terms of results but then you may get distracted after seeing the glamorous life of a city like Delhi.

So if you can be motivated throughout the journey(kota will take the hell out of you and you may feel demotivated and feel you are less intelligent as compared to others but you will learn great lessons there)then you can go to Allen kota.


Join FIITJEE SD if you r getting good batches there ie sankalp and some top batches (you can ask students which batch is good , also ftre batches are good ) ..
Otherwise kota will be best option ..