Shall I take Allen offline test series or online?


Guys, Shall I take Allen offline test series or online?
I was thinking of online test series as the test centre is 20 Km away from my house. Please express your opinions.


Obviously online without doubt. You'll get familiar to the Advanced And Mains Pattern too.

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Lavesh, one doubt result will be declared with offline ones or there is seperate result prepared for online tests.
Both offline and online papers are same, right?


I will suggest to go for online test series, for the reasons lavesh mentioned.
papers are same for offline and online , but result are not decleared with offline ones .
but many people give allen aits ( approx 10k + as of last year class 12)
only in open tests you will get rank with allen classroom students .


Allen aits ( approx 10k) is it the no. of persons who give them online




Ok, then thanks for the help. I will definitely go with online one.

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What happens if you dont give the test on the scheduled date?Does one still get the AIR?


No not with allen classroom students.


I meant online students.If i give the test 10 days later,do i still get the AIR with online students?
And if we give on the same date,do we get air with offline students as well?





As nowadays, both Jee mains and Jee advanced have switched their mode to online, I would suggest you to take online test series as it will help you to get familiar with the pattern of exam and that will definitely help you during exam times.


Definitely, you should go for online tests as you will have proper practice to the exam pattern in this format.


Definitely you should go for online test series because it will give you a real type scenario as you will be facing in JEE.
Also it is difficult for some people to sit infront of the computer screen for 3 hours because of strain in the eyes and overheating caused by the monitor and conditions can be even more difficult in the month of may when the summer is at its peak.