[REVIEW] Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by R. C. Mukherjee


Let me start by telling you that I know how troubling physical chemistry is. Of all the three parts of chemistry (Organic, Inorganic and Physical), I hated physical the most. After all, maths has enough calculations as it is. Why bring them in Chemistry too?

As it was, the syllabus could not be changed because I wanted it to. Therefore, I had to study Physical Chemistry also. I did the theory part for the whole Chemistry subject from the NCERT books; they are good enough. However, the questions were too easy. Therefore, I picked RCM (as we used to call it)

What you will encounter:
RCM, or RC Mukherjee is the complete, I say, complete question bank book for the subject of physical Chemistry for any entrance exam. It is really good, the topics are all included, and the questions are diverse and too many, to be frank.

There are questions from every chapter in the book, ranging from normal to difficult. There are not really easy ones, so beware!

Since it is a question bank, there is no theory part. Therefore, you have to study the theory from other books.
If you complete the question bank, you will find that your physical chemistry portion will become very strong.

My personal experience:
I was weak in chemistry. I even failed my 12th pre boards in chemistry. At that point of time my teacher told me to buckle up or else I wouldn’t be able to do anything in any of the entrances.

In the entrance exams, I scored most of the marks in chemistry because I had physical chemistry prepared. Organic is easy, inorganic is too vast, but physical chemistry can sometimes act as the bridge which leads you to scoring good marks in entrance exams.

This book helped me score because it has some pretty good questions, which involve more than one concept. I would recommend this because of the fact that it simply clarifies all your physical chemistry doubts, because it has questions related to all of them.

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