Resonance Test Series for JEE Advanced 2019 - do they give detailed solution?


I am planning to join Resonance Test Series for JEE Advanced 2019. Do they give detailed solution along with papers as in FIITJEE they do not provide the solutions.

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Yeah they give..almost every test series gives Solutions


Yes, after the test ,resonance provides detailed solution for every question.


Resonance test series are one of the best available in the market. Along with the detailed solution, they also provide you with paper analysis I.e. how many students correctly attmepted the questions etc. The paper level is similar to JEE level and is good for real time analysis.


They provide details solution to some of good as they think and provide just ans for some of question manly chemistry is provided only answer no reason and solution is given


That is the problem with almost every test series. They don't provide solutions of chemistry section. However you can post the questions here. We will try our best to provide you with a solution