Regarding submission of jee mark in vit application

Today is the last date to submit board scores in the vit online application.
Should we put jee jan scores or put jee not appeared ( we have to put either of one ) .

No clarity in website regarding this ? Anyone hear know what to put ?

I have given both jee jan also with boards marksheet.

Is there any edit option after submission

Others whoever applied ?

Anyone please tell??

But nowhere it is written that today is the last day of filling in the VIT portal. Is it?

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No actually I got a message to submit board marks within 15 th july tats why I mentioned and yes in website it is nowhere mentioned .

Oh...I filled in my JEE Jan marks but they are providing an Edit Application button but I'm not sure if they allow editing marks with that but yes they have provided a button.

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Thanks for saying :slight_smile:


So should i fill the jan mains score

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Probably . The hard thing in this is they didn’t mention anything clearly in website . So it’s confusing for the applicants

Ok I filled the details and we can edit the details as of now..

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We cannot edit details of JEE marks now in VIT portal... Also they have asked 12th Hall Ticket as well as aadhar card to be uploaded on their portal.

The viteee website has extended application till 31st july.