Rank prediction through old papers

Not for students aiming under 500 rank

This always worked for me even in mains and in advance , but I can't guarantee for you it may or may not.

I gave JEE Mains paper 1 in January and had 99.1633822 percentile , I haven't studied many of the chapters then and was definitely sure that next time I will improve a lot . I prepared for second paper with full enthu and the paper went very normal and I was sure that I will improve my percentile . But when the result came I was shocked by seeing 99.00***** percentile and a AIR 9719 . Yes , my jan marks were considered for rankings .

I was that kind of person who believed that Mains and Advanced Rank of a person is nearly same . So , I was highly depressed and lost all the hopes . I cannot gather courage to study for advanced then . I talked with my parents and my father said that try hard from your side and result is whatever accept it .

I haven't solved any of the Adv Archive papers from 2013–2018 as I left them for last . And then next day I solved JEE ADV 2017(easy paper to boost my enthusiasm ) ques paper with same time slot and then matched my marks vs rank and it was around 2500 and the next day I gave ADV 2015 paper and had AIR around 2700 .

After giving these 2 papers I gained my confidence back and understood that now Mains rank doesn't matters and I can bang a good rank in advanced . Then I solved GMP and revised whole syllabus . And at last I solved ADV 2016 , 2014 , 2018 ( I am a dropper , after giving adv last year , literally I haven't even looked back to any of the questions again ) . And after matching with marks Vs rank , I had rank between 2000–3000 in every paper . So at last I was sure that I will get a rank between 2000–3000 in Adv 2019 . And when the papers were over , all rank predictors show the rank between 2600 - 3000 . But when the result came I had a rank 3289 .

So start solving the previous papers whether you have seen it or not with same exam environment.
Start doing this now as imo you won't get time between mains and advanced

There are thousand of Coaching in India and every year thousands of question papers are made by these thousand of coaching , all try to predict the jee adv paper , but no one could ever match with standards of Jee adv . So when the Adv paper comes at last it seems to be very different . And beleive me , it is only Old Adv paper which can predict your level of preparations .


Feel free to ask if you have any doubts

@arush_2019 sir did you complete GMP of physics and mathematics cover to cover since it is taking me lot of time, It takes me 5 full hrs to solve 50 questions completely from Math GMP.

@arush_2019 how can prev year papers provide a true analysis of rank as most of the previous year questions are already encountered in tests or coaching modules by most of the students.

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I did not solve full GMP but covered most of the parts. I will advise to do it time bounded and if you are not able to solve a ques in decided time skip the ques and try after doing all ques and see the solution if you can't solve it again.

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I don't think that you remember every ques you have encounterd in tests. If in case you remember answer of any ques in paper just try it to do it from start or just skip the ques.
In my case I hadn't solved any old JEE Advanced ques after 2014 but yes some ques were there whose solution or answer I remembered so I solved these ques from start or skipped them based on the type of ques . Means if I think that ques is hard and I cannot do it in the real exam if it comes in first encounter , I skipped that ques and solved the easy ones from basics.

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