Questions To Challenge in JEE Main 2020 7th January Shift 1

Q id 40503625
Given Answer : 10.00
Correct Answer : 11.00

Q id 40503660
Given Answer id 405036209
Correct Answer id 405036208


Yes you are correct 660 answer is to be challenged and not know about 625

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Yeah, but i'm sure of it. Even resonance says it must be 11.00!

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How many marks are you all getting?

One more doubt i have seen that in one question in maths they are showing wrong option chosen by me i am 95% sure of it that i had marked the correct option even i had calculated the answer i don't know is i am wrong or their is something?

I don't know if that can happen. Maybe you marked wrong in exam pressure!

Ok let it be have you checked the answer for Nico4 what is the answer key says i have a doubt in that i forgot to see that

MOT is given

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Is it correct i think vbt or cft

Yeah I think it is!

CFT won't explain the metal carbonyl bonds so won't VBT

Is someone challenging these?

I am challenging

Both? @abhijit_2020


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One question suppose i didnt gave answer to one question of the twostill i be able to challenge?

Yes you can challenge any question!

While challenging do upload the solution with it. You can upload picture of solution for the question!

Ok thanks

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Both of these have been confirmed by Allen also to be wrong and should be challenged!