Question to challenge in 8th Jan shift 1

Question ID:4050361491
This was integer type.
Given answer is 106.00.
My answer came 106.05.
Will I get marks? They haven't mentioned a range. I had done that calculation twice to make sure and my answer is surely coming 106.05 when rounded to 2 places.

Question ID:4050361489
This was also integer type. My answer came 580. Resonance answer key also showed 580 and I am confident my answer is correct. Official answer key is showing 13.

Question ID: 4050361490
Also integer type. I am confident about my answer. Value of x came 1. They are showing x as 16. Resonance answer key also shows 1.

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Bro, 2nd and 3rd I'm with you.

If range isn’t mentioned then you won’t get marks for 106.05 , you should rather challenge the question if you feel that it should be 106.05 instead of 106.00

What about cyanide peroxide question in chemistry ? The answer is wrong
Also i answered 106.5 :frowning: