Question to challenge in 7 jan shift 2

1)Question ID:4050361257
Answer given:4050364654
Correct answer should be:4050364656

  1. Question ID:4050361251
    Answer given :4050364631
    No option matches the answer.

This also has its answer wrong @Pranay_2020
4th option is given as answer.

It's correct bro all other coaching have also given the same answer i.e abcd

You can cross check each option on Google as well

I think you have messed up with option b but that option is correct I have verified

Yes I did a blunder..
Got my mistake.

Allen has given 1.15 as answer but in solution they have written as such.They also have committed mistake. What do you all think, Isn't 1.06 the answer??

Don't worry they haven't taken any effort to do any correction they have copied the whole nta answer key they haven't even corrected that thermodynamics question