Question from goc

Please explain every option

What is the correct answer @Karan_2020?

what's the correct answer someone please reply.

I think the answer should be 1st but not able to predict about 4

but OH- will be more basic than H- @Achyut_2020
correct me if i am wrong

Bro i think that H minus will be more basic than OH minus because O is more electronegative than H so it will keep electrons with it ,as i know that a good base is that which is easily able to donate electrons to Hplus ions so OH minus will keep its electrons with it and will not be easy for it to donate electrons so H minus should be more basic

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@Shwetanshu_2018 pls see

Even I’m confused , because all options seem incorrect to me . (Although a bit skeptical about option A )

For 4th one it is incorrect because on breaking LiN bond there will be neagative charge on N so more basic

according to lewis concept i am saying please correct me if i am wrong

@Shwetanshu_2018 sir please tell if i am wrong

@Bhuvanitha_2020 please see this ques

I feel answer 1 if wrong anyone pls correct me

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:sweat_smile: now I read the thread and @Achyut_2020 you have already said whatever I felt so :sweat_smile:

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Your explanation seems correct @Achyut_2020 , for 2,3,4 i was sure that they are incorrect, but for 1st I was a bit skeptical because when I searched for basicity of NaH , all that showed up was NaH is a base because when added to water it becomes NaOH .
But your explanation as to why NaH will be a better base than NaOH seems satisfying as well as correct .