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What you checked when it says only -i effect
It may also have +m -m

halogen (-i) is dominating but can show +m to

Why you selected f cl br they may have + m effect

@Karan_2020 none of these options seems to be correct , because they have asked ‘ shows only -I effect’
But here +m/-m is also observed, although in 1st the I effect will dominate , but still -Cl , -Br will show +m also .

Here i guess they should have asked , in which of these , inductive effect predominates. Then option A would have been correct

I think the question is asking in which case only -I effect will act irrespective of the group it is attached with..... For eg. Alkyl group show +I effect but when they are attached with O- ( O -ve) they show -I (beacause O- has better +I) by going this way I think A is correct....