Probability is like a terrible part of mathematics for me . I am not able to develop interest over this topic

Probability is like a terrible part of mathematics for me . I am not able to develop interest over this topic may be because I hate counting thing. Pls recommend me some study material which develop interest over this particular topic. Pls not recommend Mohit Tyagi and GB Sir video lectures because I already gone through through them and ended up leaving after 1st or second lecture.

bansal module is good in that you can go through that or you can listen iit pal classes in youtube .and that would be better

In which institute are you getting coaching????

Not in any coaching (reso dlpd student).

Every student has one or other topic that he do not like or understand it properly. For me it was P&C and i have always been afraid of this topic.
Honestly, I left that topic and did not prepared for my Jee mains because I knew that out of 30 questions P&C will only occupy 2 or 3. I still had 27 questions and I believe they were enough to fetch me a decent rank. Although now I think that I should have memorised some basic formulas as those questions were much easier and could be done by any average student.
Therefore ,I will not suggest you to leave this topic completly. Don't dive deeper, prepare easy part of probability. Don't spend much time on tougher questions and try to solve easier problems. I think probability is less about counting and more about logic.


Okay... First of all I would like to tell you that in my opinion probability and PnC are the most beautiful parts of Maths. Okay it's my opinion rather ... Doesn't matter much.
So you should just prepare the topic such that you are able to do the very easy sums of it. Don't do much ... Just read your coaching notes. They will help and watch just an hour or so of a lecture. Prepare just enough so that you are able to do the easiest questions that have come in JEE for the topic.
Remember there are more than 60 topics which you have to look into. The only thing I want to say is do not leave the topic entirely


Everyone here is extremely knowledgeable so i completely respect their opinions still i am putting forward my thoughts and then you are free to do whatsoever you feel to be better for you .
A bit contradicting to others , i would say that if probability is the only chapter that you are facing problem with .. then i think for jee you have ample time now .. so thinking of leaving the chapter as of now doesn't make much of a sense to me.
With practice you can slowly yet surely get a good grip over the chapter .
For practise you can refer cengage topic wise book .. there are a lots of intext and solved examples there and theory is also explained in quite simple language . But the important part while solving the book must be that since you have a sort of hatred towards this chapter , you might end up not being able to solve many questions .. then you should not at all hesitate to look at the solution . Don’t think of it as a question you weren’t able to solve , rather think of it as a question which taught you more than what other questions would have .
So key point here is even if you have to see solutions of most of the questions , don’t hesitate but at the same time make sure to understand the solution so well that next question of any concept close to it is not left unsolved by you .
Make sure to revisit the question you previously weren’t able to solve and check if now after you have seen the solution are you able to solve it or not .
By Following this method i can assure you that as you progress with the chapter , the number of questions of which you’ll have to look through the solution off will reduce to great extent !


Thanks everyone for suggestion. Cengage seems a nice option as I already used this book for calculus and it really helps me in making grips over my concepts.

Hi @Ankith_2020,

For me both probability and P&C were nightmares during my preparations for JEE, and I was like asked my teacher to teach me again and again over but still it was not working. And my teacher lastly said you will get the topic just try it once with fresh mind and he gave me suggestion to go through G. Tewani (Cengage Publications) and it worked too. It has almost all kind of variations covered and just doing solved examples from that book made me confident enough to start attempting questions in the topic. So give the topic some time with fresh mind, just try it one fine morning and then you will enjoy the magic of numbers.

All the best!!


Thanks @Jatin I already started it from Cengage and I hope this work .

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@Ankith_2020 I also used CENGAGE for probability...and from my experience I can tell you that it is enough for solving range of sums in that may track your progress by solving pre year problems after mastering each important concept !