Post the wrong answers in JEE Main April 12 2019 1st Shift in this Thread


Do we have anything wrong in this shift? If so, then please post.

Wrong questions that you are planning to challenge from JEE Main April 2019 (all shifts)?
Wrong questions that you are planning to challenge from JEE Main April 2019 (all shifts)?

Did you get the answer of Young Modulus one.I was getting 2π.


Same, but we had to mark the closest so I marked 9.


How is that even close?


I don't remember what I got but it wasn't matching with the options, I wasted time doing that question twice :disappointed_relieved: . Anyone challenging it?

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I don't think challenging it will make a difference, cuz they haven't asked the exact value, now if also you are getting 2π you were supposed to mark the closest which is 9 amongst the options. So technically there's nothing wrong in the question, still if you want go ahead.
I did it thrice and marked 9!


Yes, you're right, NTA will just get a chance to grab money if we challenge but assuming 2\pi=9 is so absurd....closest integers are 6 and 7.....can't help now


Lol same 9 was closest to 2π


Any other questions except this(2π) ????

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In the dipole ques(electric field and potential due to dipole), the answer should be (kp/d^3) but NTA has given (-kp/d^3) as the answer

The dipole moment in the question is given as (minus p x cap ) and electric field at equatorial point is given by ((minus dipole moment)*k/d^3


Jee Mains 12th April, 2019. The answer to the question on the source and sink temperature marked in NTA sheet is wrong. They have given source at lower temperature and sink at higher temperature (37 degree and 99 degree). The correct answer should be (99 degree and 37 degree)


In the answer they have taken the P vector rather than the value of it which is -P_0 so the negative sign will come.

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You can see sol of allen...

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which question is this, is this in shift 1?

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What's your score bruh? @Soumyadeep




Sorry. Won't happen again.

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No problem. :slight_smile:
You may ask that question in below thread:

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@Ayan_Agrawal @Soumyadeep One of my friend claims that the wave equation given in responses is wrong, it should be wt-kx. Is it true?


How is it wrong, it's the given equation. Given equation may contain any sign it's the question setters wish. Yes if it would have been what your friend says then answer would be 0 but for the given equation answer is π.