Please tell scoring chapters of inorganic chapters for jee

Please tell scoring chapters of inorganic chapters for jee and tell strategy for two months for completion of inorganic chemistry, as far i have completed chemical bonding as best level so i am familiar with many structures in p block and inert gases compound structures. I am thinking to cover coordination and d block elements in july month along with structures of p block elements. I prefer ncert only for inorganic only referred ks verma for chemical bonding to master that chapter.

Bro i will say study inorganic daily from ncert it, because you cannot keep everything in your brain always atleast i am not able so i read inorganic daily I first study from ncert then from jd lee

Ok thank you inorganic is like is never completed 100%

Heating Effects, Polarisation, Inert Pair Effect, Hydrolysis, Types of Reactions are also scoring topics, as they are small and have a lot of pattern in them.


@Lavesh_2020 bro tell me some reliable source for studying inorganic.I dont have any problem in chemical bonding but for chapters like blocks, qualitative analysis I don't have proper notes.I don't want to spend time in reading stuff which is not required.
From where are you studying inorganic your class notes or something else.

You can watch Alok Sir YT Channel. I am using my classnotes + self notes made by watching Alok Sir.