Please share tips for KYPY exam?

Any tip for kvpy this Sunday
How to be confident if I have not done modern physics and alternating current
And I have not done even vectors
Help me feel confident

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As we have only 2 more days left for is better to just focus on topics that you are strong at! As of now you must forget about those topics which you haven't done before...just try revising your handwritten / quick notes of topics you have done before!
Even without the above mentioned topics you still have covered a major chunk of the you don't have to take unnecessary stress at all! Just keep calm and move on! We do have tons of xams to face after this...which means a wide range of opportunities are still waiting in front of us!!!
Just go there...and put your level best in the xam hall and never bother about the results that follows!!

I would suggest not to pick up any new topic, especially something that is tough and you have not touched so far. It will confuse you and you may forget other things that you already know.

  • On the last moment, revise concepts. If you have a notes copy where you have noted down the important formulas and theorems and key terms, go through that. Do not pick up big fat books.

Take a mock test. It is very important that you take mock tests. Sometimes it is easier to solve a question in a relaxed atmosphere, but when the student goes to give the exam, he gets nervous. So prepare yourself to give an exam
A night before exam sleep well and stay calm.
All the best

Do not think much about the chapter that you have left , because if you have completed rest of the chapters then they comprises more than enough weightage to fetch you a good rank. So don’t stress yourself too much and simply revise whatever you have already studied .
You can also try previous year papers for these two days .
You are in 12th right ! Did you attempt kvpy in class 11th ?

You don't have to worry much about covering all the topics as KVPY has questions from diverse topics.Just be focus on the questions from topics you have studied well and confidently attempt them and skip through others.You can go back to them once you are done with all questions.
Do go through the previous year paper once to know what level of questions to expect in exam and strategize accordingly

I did attempt KVPY in Class XI and my score was 42.5 or 42.75, but this year my class XII organic sylabus is lagging behind and Maths as well (3-4 chapters). How to score good then?

There’s not much you can do now because kvpy is now just a day away ! So just be confident now of whatever you have studied till now, if you want you can revise few things which seems a bit blurry to you . Also you can attempt a previous year paper today.
Just don’t overthink about the exam and give your best tomorrow.
BEST OF LUCK :+1:t2:

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