Please share some deep concept on schrodinger equation

i want the equation for s,p,d orbital and graph with probablity radius and density..please tell indepth concept in it..

I think to understand this concept in depth you should watch any video on YouTube and try to memorise some basic graphs and equation because I don't think that so much extra information is needed to you related to this topic right now.
If you don't found some video on YouTube then tell me I will provide some other content to you .

What do you mean by deep concept? See modern physics is a point where students divert there are many points but first stick to your jee syllabus. After clearing jee you get ample time to do these researches.

Exactly the same in above answer you should first go through your syllabus and then follow only that

QuantumMechanics-ANewParadigm.pdf (380.7 KB)

As far as JEE is concerned very deep insight into schroginger wave equation is not required. If still you wanna know more about it then refer to Wikipedia page of Schroginger Wave Equation here.

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