Please review my revision strategy - My main concern is Algebra and I have no faith left on SK Goyal

By 13th October: Refraction + vector and 3D
(Entire chapter left : 3D geo)

By end of October: Electricity + Calculus + Organic
(Entire Chapters left : AC, Difinite Integration and I've forgotten entire organic :pensive:)

November: Algebra + Physical+ Modern Phy and waves
(Entire Chapters left: Probability, Ionic, Solid State, Radioactivity, Modern Phy and waves)

December: Coordinate + Inorganic + Mechanics and thermo
(Entire chapters left: Hyperbola, Heat Transfer and entire Inorganic other than Bonding and Coordination)

I've stopped going to coaching now, they have ModernP, waves, and some inorganic left.
My main concern is Algebra and I have no faith left on SK Goyal. Shall I stick to Mohit Tyagi + SK Goyal or should I get Vinay Kumar?

Imo it's not a good idea to keep inorganic chemistry for the last. In fact do study it on a daily basis..just select a small topic for each day from IOC and do it... continue this till the end of December and track the progress! A huge burden of IOC can be resolved by that way...for continuous revision you may consider doing's a much better way to revise IOC than just reading all those stuffs again.


As far as algebra is's better to master all the concepts from Mohit Tyagi sir's lectures! Use a book for practice only...any good book will do! If you have a a good coaching should be sufficient enough! Don't forget to solve pre year problems of these chapters(including subjective problems). Devote good amount of time to yu haven't started out with definite integration till now,you must provide some good amount of time to master the chapter!


OK I'll start Inorganic, 30 mins/day should be enough?

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Coaching material is shit (they give us old reso packages) and too easy when compared to SK Goyal, which I don't feel like opening anymore. I also have TMH but people say to do it only after doing some basic book. What should I do?

Who told you that TMH should be started after doing some basic book, it's totally wrong. If you remember all the formulas and concept you can easily go for it.

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OK! I did directly do it for indefinite int and AOD. But heard that algebra potion is very difficult.

It might be enough..though it totally depends upon the topics which you decide to do on a particular day.

TMH is very famous for its algebra if you have that book with you, don't miss the chance to solve it. Just complete the whole algebra series of lectures from MT sir's lectures and start solving TMH. Feel free to ask any more queries..mentors are always there for help!

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What do you mean, when you say that? Do ya mean its not good enough for adv?

Honestly speaking , running after many books is the worst thing one can do when it comes to jee .. i know this might not sound very true to you at this moment but it is indeed true ..
What happens is we run after a lot of materials and end up doing absolutely nothing .. what I’ll suggest you , is much more practical , achievable as well as par with your requirements.
Majorly, you should prefer a book like cengage ( which have lots of intext problems ) and just ready the thoery and solve the intext problems . Mohit Tyagi sir is absolutely great , but at this point of time, you should prefer solving questions above any thing else .. in case you are stuck upon a concept or need more clarity on some topic , just go and watch that very part of his lecture .

And most importantly, never ever think you are leaving around something by for example not watching those complete videos or not solving some XYZ book that your friend is solving .. because that feeling leads you to wander about and jump from one material to another ... resulting that you’ll not be able to solve even the required books properly !

So finally stick upon one book , and atleast complete it’s intext questions not just for one chapter, but for all chapters!


I realise your point about running after books and that's why I only follow Arihant series and I've already solved almost all the intext exercises of SK Goyal for all chapters other than matrices, determinants and probability, but most were not difficult.
So what are my options? My class notes of class 11 are very basic (teacher wasn't great). I know it's impossible to watch all MT sir's video and I've put a lot of time in SK Goyal only to come out a noob. @Shwetanshu_2018

The content of book is enough for adv. What I meant is you cant learn algebra from this book (atleast an avg student like me). The book is not for self study. Theory is all about listing all points rather than explaining. And many times it goes out of syllabus. Transition from easy to difficult problems is poor. Even after reading complete theory, doing all intext exercises, I was unable to solve back exercises and examples.
For reference just today I read 2 vector chapters, did all intext exercises and was breezing through back exercises of Arihant (this one by Amit Agarwal) so I'm not a complete noob when I say this.

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I hope there will be some chapters under algebra section which you are ok you don't have to watch the lectures of all those. Also depending on the weightage distribution in JEE and considering your strengths and weaknes,you may consider making a preferencial order for execution of these chapters. So finally you might have to consider doing the lectures of only a few chapters !

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yes Arihant algebra many stuff and questions also which aren't in syllabus or some of the questions requires some hard brain to solve those...

Hi @Kushagra_2020,

Your plan seems fine enough if you agree to at least devote 10 hrs minimum a day to self study and achievable. Just the problem is don't drop out Inorganic Chemistry from list, it acts as a score booster. Give almost like 30 mins to it daily because there is a lot to learn and remember. Just try to learn as much as you can through logics and tricks of exceptions.
For your concern over algebra the best solution I can suggest is G. Tewani (Cengage publications) book of mathematics. I myself used it and it contains enough variations so it will definitely help you.

All the best!!!


10 hours!? I need to only revise most of stuff. Yeah I'll start inorganic from next week. Which portion of cengage should I solve? Considering I already know most of fundamentals and will give only one month for entire algebra.

Just solve the intext problems + concept applications of cengage for each and every chapter .

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Hi @Kushagra_2020,

Yes I mean 10 hrs. I don't know how you describe but revision but I can define it my way as not only to revise class notes (theory and some questions solved in class) but also practicing questions of the topic you are revising to ensure that you have a good grasp over the topic. And I will suggest not to linger on theory for a long duration instead do questions from the book which you have already done because there will be some questions in the book which were good and you might had marked them important.

I will suggest you to go through the theory and solved examples in Cengage book for all the topics in Algebra you are facing difficulties.
One more suggestion is which I am now giving to every student is since there is less time left, start giving mock exams at home and analyze the paper that where are you loosing marks either its time management or careless mistakes or some topics you don't know or any other reason. So you can improvise your revision strategy.
Still if you have any doubt ping me.

All the best!!!!

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Thanks for your advice. Yeah I'm already giving full tests (1-2 per week) for almost 2 months now.