Please review my revision strategy - 90% of my syllabus Is finished


please suggest that what would be the best for now, should I solve all the previous year problems for each subject or some advanced level question banks like black book, irodov, etc.

90% of my syllabus Is finished.

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What exactly do you mean when you say "finished"?


If you have covered 90 percentage of the syllabus as of is a great deal tbh...which means that you have sufficient amount of time left to revise the portions that you have completed!
Take one day to self-analyze yourself. Categorize your strong and weak topics. Also do analyze the JEE previous year papers to be aware of the weightage distribution as well! This whole process enables you to understand which topics you must concentrate from now onwards!
If you haven't done the pre year problems ,then my suggestion would be to focus on that first. Don't miss out the subjective questions asked in old IIT JEE papers! Simultaneously you may also choose some revision packages from good coaching institutes (preferably Resonance or Allen).

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It means i have practiced enough questions from my workbooks and modules upto jee advanced level for the chapters i have completed in these 2 years along with some previous years.


As @ananda_2018 said ... I too would like to advise you to study the old papers of JEE. First solve and then look at your mistakes and evaluate them. Also it would be good if in the following month you focus on the mistakes you did while you were studying the syllabus. Like solve again the questions which you were unable to solve during the first attempt. Remember to learn from your mistakes.
High level questions - don't solve them all just solve some of the important ones


It seems like you have mastered the major chunk of jee syllabus. In that case you must surely go for solving more advanced and challenging problems. I Forgot to mention about FIITJEE GMP in the previous can quench your thirst for challenging problems though you may skip some problems if you find it irrelevant.


Thanks everyone for your help.


Also I would like to add one point that now u can also do practice of sitting like in exam means to say u can solve previous problemsjust take pre questionpaper solve it like it is fresh to you. If u are done then do your coaching question bank on the topics which u find weak during your self assessment.Be positive.


Also @chaman_2020 have you enrolled in any AITS? If not then it is the right time to do may consider an additional AITS other than the one in your coaching institute( Reso or Allen would be the best imo).


Since 90% of syllabus is already finished your main focus should be on revision of the topics in which your are relatively weak.
So you can pickup any 2 subjects for a day one topic each and revise it thoroughly.
In between when you get bored solve some questions form previous years or any other advanced book that are not pertaining to the topics that you are revising.keep a notebook handy and note the concepts which your find difficult while question solving.Then revisit those during your revision of those topics.
All the best

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See if you feel like you have finished your syllabus, then you can give one or two mock test papers daily as it is the best way to practice for the exam, you can go to the chapters which you found difficult and strengthen your concepts again, go to the individual chapters write their concepts and formulas on a piece of paper to see how much you remember, you can also try some hard level sums from the book you mentioned.
And lastly don't forget to do past year papers.


Hi @chaman_2020,

Nice to read that you have almost done 90% of syllabus till now. I suggest you to now start solving papers in limited time duration almost like three times in a week (say Monday, Wednesday, Friday). Sit in your room and create a exam environment and genuinely attempt the mock JEE papers of different institutes till mid December. This will help you increase the speed in question solving under pressure of time which is a very crucial thing during exam. And after giving the paper calculate your marks and then pick all the questions from the paper which you made wrong or left and even those questions which you guessed and made right. Analyse the questions and your mistakes the same day and discuss all your doubts either here with us or with your teachers. And rest of the days in the week you can continue to study the rest of syllabus left of yours or revising the which already done.

All the best!!!!