Please anyone guide what should i do from now

In jee mains january this was my result .please tell what should i do now to improve my score

@Shwetanshu_2018 sir please guide

Where do you think @Achyut_2020 that you were lacking this time ? Was it lack of practise, or your syllabus wasn’t complete , or you weren’t prepared for the level of paper that jee had ?

Sir I would like to highlight my problem as well..while I was analysing the past year jee mains paper in Nov/Dec, I realised (so far as my analysis goes) that it requires grip in approximations (for physics majorly) and minute study of inorganic...even after going through inorganic several times..I failed to answer many direct questions from that topic since I wasn't able to retain the facts till the last day..Also, going by the jee mains 2018 paper...I had the feeling that my preparation was not upto the level of jee (even after thoroughly solving and revising)..I am not able to retain the concepts and revising every single of them takes a huge time which I could have devoted to my weak chapters...

@Shwetanshu_2018 Sir actually i was not able to complete my syllabus , and sir i have faced this common problem in each of my tests that i have given i am able to do alot of ques and i find many negatives upto like 15-20 and same had happened in jee , sir when i solve ques i feel there is something missing ,if i knew that i would be able to solve that ques .in physics i was able to solve each ques but sir i was not seeing my answer in the options , and from this i usually make tukka from nearest one option .sir in chemistry i had only covered fully organic ,but i left whole inorganic, and some chapters of class physical chemistry and i regret it . In maths sir i have left matrices,determinant,vector 3d ,differential eq,probability and i saw that i was taking much time in ques and i have left many ques by just seeing them
Sir i felt paper was easy and i made many mistakes

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@Achyut_2020 so basically your major problem is partial completion of syllabus , and high level of inaccuracy during exams .
So let’s tackle them one by one .

For your syllabus completion , 1st of all , list down all the chapter that is completely by you , incompleted , partially completed .

Now , after you actually know what all you have to cover in the remaining time , you can can plan weekly goals ( this will help you to stay in routine and will help you to overcome procrastination) , make sure to set realistic goals .

Make sure to follow a good book for theory as well as problems .

If you’ll face any difficulty in planing then you can ping me , I’ll help you through it


Thank you sir

For inaccuracy , let’s first analyse that why we usually end up with wrong answers .
There are 2 main reasons

  1. ‘Silly mistakes’ :- I only consider 1+2= 5 type mistakes as silly mistakes , rest mistakes in which we tend to miss a minute concept isn’t a silly mistake , rather it is a conceptual mistake , because if we would have practised more such type of questions then that mistake could have been avoided .

Now most of the students end up loosing lots of marks because of some loop holes in their practise but ends up terming them as ‘silly mistake’ , so firstly you should be honest to yourself that was that mistake really just a calculative error , or was it due some really minute practise gap.
Once you’ll realise that not most of your mistakes are actually ‘silly mistake’ that is the point from where you’ll start improving , because now you won’t blame that it was just some random mistake , rather from now on you’ll acknowledge it , and will improve yourself on that front

  1. Conceptual mistake / mistakes due to lack of practise :-
    For this , you should improve your theory , and should expose yourself to lots of problems .

Very important categorisation @Shwetanshu_2018 bhaiya. Thanks for pointing it out. Even I had a problem there....


@Shwetanshu_2018 Sir please tell which book should i follow ,i am confused what to study from where as there is less time too.i have this much books ,please sir guide me what should be my step
Maths- all fiitjee material,TMH,cengage,arihant,sameer bansal,
Physics-all fiitjee material,cengage,dcp,
Chemistry-fiitjee material,rcm,n awasthi,solomon,himanshu pandey,jd lee,cengage
Arihant and cengage for some specefic chapters

Have you partially solved any of these books before ? (If yes , then do let me know that which all books and to what extent have you solved previously)
I won’t recommend starting a complete fresh book as of now , because you must be having your boards+ jee this year so you won’t be having much time in your hand , i guess

Yes sir i have solved each of them but not completely sir

Cengage series is very good for maths as well as physics

So for maths:- complete intext+ concept exercise of all the chapters ( you can skip the back questions for now , and if you have time left then go for them as well )

Physics :- same as maths , or else you can follow dcp , but if you’ll follow dcp then you should complete all the exercise + intext

Chemistry:- For theory, mostly good notes are sufficient, and for questions if jee advanced is your final target then use
Ms chauhan
N avasti / neeraj kumar (only if you need some good questions set which are in syllabus )
V joshi


@pushkar_2020 I have similar problem last year and I screwed up jee main 2019(Jan attempt) very badly. I just recommend you few things

  • Instead of solving huge amount of problem solve limited amount of problem from each chapter and revise those problem regularly.

  • Clear your concept , Mug up methods and formula then start solving problems. Remember you have to mug up formula , it is not like that you know the concept so while solving huge amount of problem those formula will fix in your mind automatically.

  • For inorganic chemistry (mains)
    cover NCERT line by line. They can frame questions from anywhere

  • Make shorts notes (for last time revison)


In exams like these where competition is high mindset is a key factor. What happened with me was I didn't even score 50% in FIITJEE aits . That demotivated me a lot and I thought that I wouldn't even qualify. So I talked to my sir and he said not to give any exam in last 2 weeks or so and just revise and read notes. I did that and comfortably got above 99 . What I mean is if u weren't feeling good on D day that could also have been a major factor.