Nit Surathkal IT vs IIT Guwahati Civil - which is better?


Nit Surathkal IT vs IIT Guwahati Civil - which is better?
Please help


Both options are good
First thing first what is your interest first see the field in which you will be more than happy to dedicate your entire life.
If you cant find something then it comes down to your priorities if you are looking for that iit tag then go in IIT and if that is not there then select the place you will be more comfortable in like guwahati is assam i.e. north-eastern area and surathkal is in south indian region it's on where do you want to stay

For me, i will select NIT Surathkal IT


It all depends on your interest, if you like IT or you are fascinated about coding you can definitely join nit surathkal, but if you like civil then go for iit guwahati, if you can choose any branch I would suggest you to take up iit guwahati as Iit tag also matters. And in iit you will get more exposure to many things. And infrastructure of Iit guwahati is also very good.
So all the best.


Hello Sarthak,

You should consider your selection based upon this


Just completing the course based upon the college is not important. ALWAYS CHOOSE COURSE OVER COLLEGE. So if you think you are someone who love to play with computers and have a thing for programming go for IT or someone who is interested in learning the core branches of engineering with more of an on field work go for CIVIL.

    IT field have more job opportunities compared to the core branches

  2. TAG
    IITian tag is something that you would cherish for a life time. I don't know more of NIT but in IIT you will have lot of things to get your hands on
    if you are good in sports they have INTER IIT SPORTS MEET
    if you are good in Cultural things: INTER IIT CULTURAL MEET
    if you are good in tech side: INTER IIT TECH MEET
    Every year.
    So eventually you will develop both curricular and extra curricular side of yours.

I hope this clears your doubt,

Happy learning !


Alone IIT tag can't promise you a job in core sector because Civil is one the most adversely affected sector in India and there are few jobs in private sector and in govt. too(better not to talk about it :slight_smile: ).
But If you are a reasearch oriented student, what could be better than an IIT and the college life is nothing compared to other colleges.
If you want a decent Job then obviously IT industries are the future.


IIT guwahati and NIT surathkal are both premier colleges.It depends on your priorities for this choice.
If you want IIT tag or are looking for higher education then IIT guwahati is a better brand name and you should choose IIT guwahati.
However if placement is your top priority then IT at NIT surathkal is a better choice.
Campus life is good in both of these colleges.