Need suggestion for good resources to study jee main only chapters

There are chapters in physics like(Semiconductors,magnetism and matter ,em waves, communication systems )which are only included in jee main syllabus.

These chapters are not covered by my coaching (they strictly said they will be only covering syllabus for adv)!

I need suggestion for good study materials to cover these chapters(for both concepts and practise)?

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Imo for these chapters depend solely on Ncert along with all its examples and exercises!! After doing that just go for solving all the pre year JEE main problems of the respective chapters!

Also if you have enrolled in any Aits(JEE mains) will be coming across variety of problems from these that will count as an additional practice! Investing more time in these chapters is not recommended !

Go for jee main past year paper you will get the idea of chapter and type of questions so I will recommend please solve old jee main paper at least last 10 year.

For physics you can use dc pandey . It contains everything that’s required for jee mains .
There are ample amount of questions for practise as well as theory , and then you can move on to previous years paper

You can follow HCV for semiconductors,magnetism,Em waves
Also do not forget to practice questions form previous year papers they will give you a better insight on what to prepare

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