Need suggestion for a good inorganic chemistry book

I am facing a few difficulties in chapters like chemical bonding and coordination compounds and so I am thinking of buying a book that has some good solved examples to clear my concepts. I have plans of buying either JD Lee (Indian Edition) or Cengage inorganic part 1. I have the PDF of the original JD Lee and there aren't many solved examples in it in the above-mentioned chapters.

So can anyone recommend a good book?

Or even some good notes would be be great (I have the coordination compounds one)

Problems in inorganic chemistry by V.K jaiswal is a very good option for practise..if you dont have that book,it is a good choice to go for...also v.joshi is a very good source(problems and solutions)..i personally used that book and it helped me a lot during my inorganic preparation.

I have V Joshi but it has only problems. I am looking for a theory book with solved examples.

In that case JD LEE is a better option to buy comapred to cengage does contain some irrelevant facts as well(my personal opinion). You might find many inorganic pdf's in this blog search in "Thread to share" threads.

U can also solve Ankit Agarwal inorganic chemistry kota question Bank it has lots of good stuff to do.

For theory jd lee indian version is very good and for problems nothing can beat V joshi .

For coordination compound you can see the handwritten notes shared in the inorganic thread

Best inorganic is read ncert repeatedly do vk jaiswal or ankit aggarwal kota question bank thats enough and do previous year ncert is enough even for advanced of inorganic except coordination which requires more practice

Does the Indian edition have good solved examples?

In the international one it is just theory.

There are just back questions (single correct , multi correct, passage type , integer type ) at the end of the chapter , there are no solved example.
For inorganic which type of solved examples are you actually look for ? Do you need something specifically for chemical bonding and coordination compound ?

Indian books are now more preferred than international ones according to jee 2019 level and 2020 pattern

You are in 12th class and i feel its not time to buy a book just one month left for January mains and two months for april i know that students hardly get time in march for jee as they are busy in 12th boards

I have heard that this year English,Maths and additional subjects exam will be held first and then respective stream subjects in 12th boards is it correct

Yeah I want something specifically for chemical bonding and coordination compounds.

For example, I am finding it uneasy when I have to compare say bond angles when there are lone pairs, double bonds by using Bent's rule. In coordination compounds there are some wired hybridizations in which electron jumps to some p orbital etc. And in some books it's given that d^7 orbitals under strong field ligands show d^2sp^3 hybridization but no explanation is given regarding what happens to that 1 unpaired electron.

These all things have made these two topics a bit hazy for me.

Thanks, but as I still have time I want to learn them thoroughly and remove any loop holes etc in my concepts.

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@deep_2020 For that only good coaching material or notes can help you out , because i have never encountered any inorganic book that gives a detailed explanation and rules for these type of problem :sweat:
If you can arrange materials of VMC or any other coaching institute then nothing can be better than that

Ks verma can give

This might help for your doubt. Electron actually not jump but stay in that orbital

. If possible try megha khandelwal on unacademy. She is very good in explaining concept (only if doubt in concept).

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Ya i too believe megha mam is best for inorganic and organic