Need strategy to complete syllabus for JEE 2021


I am preparing for JEE 2021. How to complete syllabus till august 2020??

Sir I have just started preparing for IIT-JEE(1 September 2019). so how to complete syllabus till 31 august 2020.

Should I complete my 11th till this year end and start 12th from jan-feb and compete till 30 august??

also if possible provide me a plan


We'll help you :slightly_smiling_face:, just answer these questions first-
What all topics have you done till now or What is you preparation status? Which coaching do you go? What is your time Sechdule?


It's not bad to start early, but it definitely is to rush. Since, you are currently in 11th, it would be rather better to take your time and understand all the concepts of 11th clearly. In cases of JEE preparation, it is better to take it steadily and clear the concepts. As for completing before 31st August, It can be done if you give time to each subject. In 12th you won't have sufficient time to re-visit the concepts of 11th from scratch again, but if you will clear 80-90% concepts of 11th in 11th only, you get a huge advantage over most of other aspirants who rush things off.

Thinking to dash ahead to cover up the courses lefts too many holes in your preparation. so my suggestion is take your time to complete the 11th course. It doesn't matter if you take up to January or even February. You get a lot of free time in Summer vacation. If dedicated towards completing the syllabus, that would be the perfect time to Dash the course. So, it's pretty much easy to complete the course by September. Taking August as a target would just strain you, IT WON'T HELP FOR PREPARATION.

As for the plan, I would just say to attend all classes, highlight what's important, and work enough problems to be 100% confident on that. How many hours you study is not important. Everyone is different. Some can do it in 2 hours a day study, some may take up to 5-6 hours a day. Know yourself and you can figure out the best way to complete the syllabus by yourself.

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I study in Aakash Coaching.
And I can study for a total of 8-9 hours.
And my preperation status is not so good


You will be having your jee mains in January of 2021 so you have to complete your syllabus by October 2020 to have ample time for revision. So you can start the starting topics of eleventh now from the most referred books and give test series to evaluate your performance.


See first of all you have ample time..dont rush.just start studying with 11th topics and complete it fully.dont take any load.
But follow revision stategy of revising atleast once in 25-30 days after completing a chapter.this will build up your concept properly.
Hope it helps.