Need help regarding dual degree at BITS


can someone help me out with BITS dual degree in following aspects-

  1. Can we change the subject offered in dual degree.
  2. Can we change the campus from Goa to Pilani?
  3. Chances of getting scholarship in any BITS campus?
  4. What's the scenario of relative markings in BITS.

GoIIT mentors and anyone having knowledge about this please help me out.


@Anjali_arora mam
plz help


1.The subject offered as your primary degree i.e. the Msc can be changed after 1st year on the basis of cgpa obtained(horizontal transfer).you can also transfer to a single degree on the same basis(vertical transfer).
P.S. cgpa required is above 9 mostly.

2.Not after all the iterations are over.

3.we have 2 major kinds merit scholarship and merit cum need scholarship.there is a high chance of getting latter one has depending upon your cgpa and your "family income".

4.there is no relative marking but relative grading system in are alloted grade based oo the class average score compared with your score in layman terms.

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