Need Guidance: For improvement in Calculus Section


First of all I want to tell that my concept is very much clear in Calculus portion. Problem start arising when I start solving problems in limited time and some problems start consuming a lot of time. It seems impossible for me to solve any integal calculus problem (jee main) in less than 5 min which is creating panic in me day by day.
Second thing -while practicing the question in Calculus portion when problem get lengthier than one page I move to the solution which I am thinking is not a good habit and again this happen because I want to attemp more problems in limited time. Plz provide some guidance

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Thanks for sharing experience with us, and finding this forum a good stage to help you, we will surely be with you every time you need us :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

First of all, I would like to emphasize the fact that you should not make such a big deal of not being able to solve problems quickly, as it comes with hard work and practice. How does anyone solve problems in one sec? because they have practiced a very large variety of questions that most of the logics of problem solving are just embedded in their heads. If you solve 10 problems in one topic, it won't work, plus your concepts, upto JEE need a lot of practice to be mastered.

I will tell you my case. When I was giving the JEE'17 exam, till that time, I had solved around 500+ questions in each and every topic from mathematics to physics. Chemistry, I solved MS Chouhan organic chemistry advanced problems' bank twice and that too completely. I had solved Irodov for physics, cengage in mathematics, BM Sharma questions and also, complete JEE Advanced previous years' questions more than once. In specific topics in physics, mathematics and chemistry, I solved more than 2000 questions (I'm not joking, I really did that) and everyone who was meeting me by that time, was calling me a to be under 100 AIR holder in JEE. Till my late class XI, I used to be scared of solving questions and was completely demotivated as everyone around me seemed to be smarter than me, added to it was my pathetic medical condition.

You would be expecting me to be a very solid rank holder no? Let me tell you, I just got below 12k in JEE'17. What's the point in telling you all this? The point is, even though you are very fast in solving questions, still its not necessary that you will ALWAYS score good in exams. All you should have is conceptual clarity, and honestly speaking, if you are taking time in solving intermediate level problems itself, then you should work on your fundamentals as they are not strong.

Do not panic or lose hope just because you are not a very fast guy in attempting questions. You can increase your speed by practicing a variety of questions, firstly beginner, then intermediate and then advanced level ones. I am sure that if you practice around 100-200 questions including the above criterion in any topic, you can tackle questions easily. Unlike my case, my mind was like a SRAM, which used to refresh whatever is fed into it after very short time, so even if I had done the questions, my mind never retained what all I had done. Still, you should not lose hope just because your speed is not good, just remember, JEE is just one fine day of your life, if it gone well, even though you have practiced fairly, you will get a good rank.

All it depends is on concepts, and retention. So study well, study wisely, ask doubts, do not take any pressure, and have a belief in yourself that everything will fall into the right place when the time comes. Worrying about future, won't help you, but working in present will surely make up your future.

Hope I was able to satisfy your query, do ask me if you have any further doubt :slight_smile:


Thanks @Churchil_2018 for your support. I am working on my problem by practising sufficient amount of questions

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Most welcome :slight_smile:
I know you will do great, your concern for yourself is an indicator for that. Just keep practicing, keep learning, and be a great human :slight_smile:

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I would just like to mention i hack that i used to tackle you problem of looking into the solution manual without completely solving the ques.Tear the solution pages from the book and give it to your friend for a day or 2 and tell him not to return it to you.during these days try to solve those might not be able to solve all in one go but keep revisiting the once you were not able to solve again after some breaks once you have tried take back the solutions and go through will find that you will be able to retain better because you will be looking for some specific mistake or a trick that you might have missed while solving.
keep practising

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