Need Guidance for board exam paper of physics

Just wanna know from where you guys are going to study derivations and theory part for boards.
I tried to study from Ncert but it's language is too tough for me!!

Actually if you are able to write the derivations in your own words then it’s acceptable as well. They’ll give you full marks as long as all the steps are there
Make sure u start with the consideration and go on with the mathematical steps involved.

Nevertheless, I guess my teacher at school used to give us derivations from Pradeep in class for the ones that were really important. Maybe you can try issuing it from a library if possible

I am studying them from all in one . I hope that it is a good book to depend upon.

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Yes, it’s a good guide for boards. Don’t worry. Any guide will work for that matter.

I have some understandable notes mainly for physics. If you need something in specific you can ask.
If you are in Allen then you would have got board study material for all subjects. They are really good.


All in one is not up to level i will suggest you buy sl arora book which is best for cbse physics and it is good for mains preparation too or buy xam idea physics but that book is for those who want to do jee level cbse board questions