Need advice for jee preparation

Hey guys I have entered in class 12th recently but I wasted my class11 alot it just like that someone was enrolled in class11 but didn't study a single word. Now I am mentally prepare to crack jee but I don't have the time to complete all the study material of 11+12 in just 6 months. So,guys pls tell me what to do and also tell me that following Mohit tyagi, physics galaxy,Alok/ALK sir and Nitin saini/ns sir on YouTube and doing only previous year question for pratice can be a good choice at thiS point of time

Due to Covid the jee exam will be extended in 2021 by some months so work hard
In Chem Follow Arvind arora YouTube/Unacademy lectures for physical chemistry
In organic Sachin Rana/ Megha Khandewal in Unacademy
In inorganic sorry no lecture will be benefit as you have to read ncert as it's the best material only you can refer chemical bonding lectures from atp academy or someone else you like
In Physics-Alak pandey or Asish Arora in YouTube(though asish arora is considered best for Advanced and mains both)
In maths-Though Mohit tyagi lectures are best but you don't have time and moreover he has 50 lectures of one chapter only you cannot manage so better borrow cengage from friends and do
Otherwise you can follow Manoj Chauhan(ex Hod Of Vibrant Kota) in Unacademy
For practice of revision of Maths- Neha aggarwal in youtube no one is better than her in revision she conducts 100 questions per session covering whole syllabus,also selected important previous questions also she conducts revision session in every month

Hi Raghuveer !
The names of teachers you've mentioned are all really experienced and qualified.

  1. For Physics, I'd say that Physics Galaxy lectures are not sufficient because the video style becomes monotonous and you'd get bored quite soon. There are a lot of results and formulae to be learnt too, and you tend to forget stuff easily in Physics if you've learnt it in a dry way in the first place. Those lectures are good for revision but you can't rely on them completely. Since you're following the team of MT sir, you must be knowing that ABJ sir will be covering up the part. You can rely on him, OR find a good and qualified teacher. ()
    ~ Study Material - Sadly there's no good book for theory among Indian publishers (not even HCV), except DC Pandey to some extent. However there are plenty of foreign author books like Resnick Halliday (There are 2 options here too. Walker(HRW) or Krane(HRK). I prefer Krane, but the language is easier in Walker.)
    ~ For practice I'd recommend solving problems of HCV first since the hierarchy of questions is perfect. There's no shortcut to solve Physics questions, you need to spend a certain amount of time analysing the intricacies of the subject. Then there's this highly underrated book called 'Physics MCQ' by Deb Mukherji. I came across this book quite recently, and it's way too good for problems and revision. Buy DC Pandey Series too and keep it with you for occasional reference and practice. Then you should be solving the previous year archive.

  2. Chemistry - ALK sir's lectures are more than enough. For problems you can try N Avasthi, or Neeraj Kumar (with Solutions included).
    Inorganic - Lectures of ALK sir. Material - Read, learn, and install the NCERT into your system. For reference JD Lee (don't buy the book, it's enormous).
    For Organic - NS Sir along with Problem books by Himanshu Pandey or MS Chauhan.
    The Unacademy JEE Videos of Chemistry by Paras sir from last year are good too.

  3. For Math - MT Sir along with Arihant Series of books by Amit Agrawal (Covers theory + Problems with Solutions) followed by Previous Year problems.

Always remember these few things -

  1. ALWAYS practice questions from sources which have 'solutions' at the back. This'll save you a whole lot of time.
  2. Learn to move on if you're stuck on some point or problem. Your frustration at that moment will make things a lot more difficult.
  3. Give equal time to all subjects.
  4. Stop looking for more advice and book recommendations.
    Trust me, I've been in your place.

Good gems of advice!
I would add from one of my experience:
Do not waste your time on video lectures for problems. Problems must be practised from standard books, not ideally from videos.
(My opinion)