Need advance problems in coordinate geometry by vikas gupta


Please if anyone has Advanced Problems in Coordinate Geometry by Vikas Gupta,Pankaj joshi share here

Can anyone share Vikas Gupta advanced level problems in coordinate geometry?

I don't have any of these but i can give u some awesome problems on coordination chemistry


Send here @Anshul5 bro (of coordination chemistry ) or in other thread


Am in marriage functions quite busy... Will send soon


NP bro , enjoy the marriage :grin: ( marriage function me bhi aap go iit chalate ho. Hats off to u )

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If you're looking for Advanced Problems in Mathematics by Vikas Gupta then here are the links:
Chapter #1-9:
Chapter 10-26:


Thanx bro..but I already have them.Or can anybody share SAMEER BANSAL would really be helpful


Not available throughout internet. I have searched (a lot).

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Thanx for taking efforts!!

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You can buy sameer bansal easily...
Its Price is very less as compared to its standard

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