MyPat vs Embibe vs Mathongo - Which is the best online JEE mock test website?

What is your review of these online JEE mock test websites?

How are the following with regard to mock JEE tests (Mains & Advanced) ?

  1. MyPat
  2. Embibe
  3. Mathongo

i.e, I want to know the difficulty etc of the tests they provide.


  • MyPat
  • Embibe
  • Mathongo

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From what i have seen MathOnGo has just upload lots of papers but the level of those papers aren’t good . Few might be good , but I don’t think it’s easy to segregate those few good papers out of those 100s of papers .
So I don’t think that MathOnGo will be the best option among these .
Also embibe and MYPAT is for chem and physics as well but MathOnGo test series is only maths concentric , so it won’t give you a test paper that actually feels like a jee main or advanced paper

So is it better to practice from embibe and mypat ?

I mean full syllabus JEE papers.

Yes , embibe and mypat are better , and if you are considering jee mains+ jee adv test series then mypat would be better i think

Bhaiya I have a doubt, out of embibe and mypat, whose papers are more similar to JEE ?

Sorry @deep_2020 but I don’t have much idea about embibe test series , so I won’t guide you randomly, i think @Ankith_2020 has joined embibe test series, maybe he can help

For mypat , i feel they have pretty good and similar question to jee , you can surely go for them .
Why aren’t you considering allen test series ? They are extremely good

@deep_2020 There are around 17 mock test paper based on latest jee main pattern are avilable on embibe and all of them are free. You don't need to pay a single peeny for attempting mock test paper there. But for solution and proper paper analysis you need to pay. So try them and if you feel good then pay for solution. They used to provide video and text solution to almost every question.
IMO initial 6 paper on jee main are well structured and relevant to actual jee main and or you can say some paper are better than actual paper but after that I have found decrease in quality of their question papers. My opinion is extremely based on jee main paper and not for adv . I will never suggest to try their advance paper as their marking scheme on advance paper are crazy(like in one paper that I have attempted last year 10 numerical based question with marking scheme (+4,-2) and 10 multi correct question with marking scheme(+6,-3). And if you don't want to pay then there is option to practice question and earn their inbuilt coins to unlock pack of solution.

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I had purchased the online test series of resonance. But they didn't even update their JEE Mains test papers in accordance to the latest NTA pattern. All of them are in 30 questions per subject for total 360 marks scheme.

Thanks for your suggestion, I will take a look at Allen test series.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The thing is recently Mohit Tyagi had uploaded a video saying that free test series might harm your preparation and so this got me in a dilemma of whether embibe is good enough or not.

Resonance have around 7 paper based on latest pattern pls check it.

Have you complained about that?

Yeah I did, they said that those papers couldn't be changed as they were given to the classroom students before the change in pattern.


I think MyPat and Embibe are both good for getting whole syllabus centric tests. There are always some loopholes in all test series, some give good Physics and Chemistry, so just give fair mathematics, while some the other way round. So I would suggest you to go with either of the above.

IMO, MyPat is actually better as the level of papers is really good, as I got to know. It was actually kinda open at the time I was there in my class XII. I felt the level of paper to be really nice, especially for the MAINS one. It actually tests your skills in the limited time frame.

All the best!

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Do mypat covers jee main specific topics like semiconductor well? @Churchil_2018

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I think so yes @Hritik_2020
I haven't used it much, and I don't remember exactly at my time, but I'm pretty sure it does.

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@Hritik_2020 i have seen semiconductors questions in many mypat papers , also there were questions from mathematical reasoning , so surely the do cover jee main specific chapters

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This might be a bit off topic but still relevant to the discussion :

Has anyone given the mock tests that NTA provides ? I meant those tests in which we have to go-to an examination centre and write.
Also can you comment how good the paper is ?

I had applied for it many times, but they haven't organised it well. I had gone to the centre on the designated date but nobody else was there. Many of my friends got the venue and date, attended the exam also. So it depends on number of people attending on that day, I think so.....

And I have heard that they are nothing but previous year online question papers.