My chemistry is pretty good for JEE Main but not for Advanced. How to prepare for JEE Advanced chemistry?

My chemistry section pretty much good for mains but for advanced I know that it is not sufficient.
Pls suggest some good books and study material for jee advanced
Organic- I have already completed Ms Chauhan level 1. And will complete level 2 soon. So suggest some quality problem book.
Physical- I want to do advanced section of Neeraj Kumar . So pls review it.
Inorganic - pls suggest some good advanced problem book.
@Shwetanshu_2018 Bhaiya

For organic :- complete Ms Chauhan and then solve questions of organic from any coaching institutions test paper ( trust me , this is the best source for problems in organic chem ) because question papers have questions have a blend of multiple chapters and that’s what is required for jee advanced .

Physical:- Neeraj kumar’s book has extremely challenging, new, relevant questions , when it comes to jee adv , so for sure , nothing can be better than this.

Inorganic:- for this, there is a book by v joshi ( problem and solutions in inorganic chemistry) , it contains all required theory of adv in the form of question , so solving this in itself will be enough


Thanks @Shwetanshu_2018.

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