MHTCET results declared some days ago. How did you do?


NMIMS you are getting Mumbai campus CSE?
If yes then this must be your preferred order for clg in Mumbai:

  1. DJ Sanghvi
  2. K.J Somaiya Vidyavihar
  3. NMIMS
    here I am talking about CS only
    In my opinion there is a fair chance that you may get CS at Somaiya in the spot rounds. SInce last year I got in the first spot round itself. My rank was 2051
    For DJ you might get IT
    NMIMS is also good but the fees are very high.
    One more thing there is Gujrati minority in Somaiya. So if you are a Gujrati then you will easily get Somaiya.
    PS: I have not much idea about clg outside Mumbai
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@Mayank_2019_1 i saw 3rd round cutoffs, they were high for kj somaiya vidyavihar(1341) than dj sanghvi(2616). So which one to put up? I saw today nmims application, but missed the date so no chance. Also can you arrange other mumbai colleges mentioned as they are near my rank.


Also IT at dj sanghvi is at 3255, so should i go for it?

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well then you may place IT in DJ Sanghvi at 5th or 6th position. At least have that in hand.
Also people usually prefer Autonomous colleges. And afaik DJ Sanghvi was not autonomous. It will receive academic autonomy from this year.
So the cutoffs may change a bit.
Also the rank difference might be because last year as the college was not autonomous there must be very few seats in the spot rounds (idk if there was a spot round for non-autonomous colleges)
Also I would strongly suggest you that whenever you are taking admission see to it that the college is autonomous. Autonomy has a hell lot of advantages.

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Thanks... Also i read that kj somaiya is becoming private. Will i still get Mumbai university degree there? Also finally which college to prefer between dj and kj?


@Mayank_2019_1 where did you take admission finally? Or sticking to KJ??


Yeah Somaiya will be given University status from this year. IDK much about that though.
Both are autonomous.
The average package is 5-6 lpa in both of them.
Both have their own advantages and disadvantages
Somaiya :

  1. The 60 - 70 acre Campus is awesome.
  2. Startup culture is rather good.
  3. Somewhat lenient in attendance and other issues.
  4. Has 10-12 different colleges in the same campus.
    D.J. Sanghvi :
  5. Situation in a very good location.
  6. Crowd is better (idk much but have heard it from other people)
  7. There is no campus. Although interiors are better than Somaiya.

Nope K.J. itself :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Mayank I may get mech at kj Somaiya (from AI seats).Do u have any idea how is it?
Another options are it(kj somaiya) mech (dj )


Mech at KJ Somaiya is very good. It is mostly famous for the various clubs like Orion. It is better than DJ Sanghvi.



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I had one basic doubt
Can we edit options preferences after first round ?


Yes unless you get 1st preference

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I am thinking of getting some lower branch in top engg. College and then change the course to computer branch may this be possible?
What challenges would I have to face for that ?
Please give your suggestions !!
And other seniors....


Which branch you are getting?


Production or textile at VJTI


I would never recommend production/textile at VJTI for a branch change to CSE afterwards because you must understand that most of the people in your class would be looking for the same and remember that these people are mostly of your level or above making the competition tough. You need to score almost 9.8 and above for CSE and that too depends on the availability. So basically if you didn't do well in your first year then you may be stuck up in the same branch for the next four years or maybe for the career too.
I would rather suggest you to take CSE in other clg like SP, DJ, KJ etc.
Also do wait for the spot rounds.


Oh , then it's too risky !
Thanks for your input !!


Or any friend from Pune region suggest about colleges in Pune like PVG , PCCOE , MIT , etc.
Since its my Home University.
Please give your valuable inputs !


Sorry Buddy, But I have very less idea about colleges in Pune.
Yeah No doubt COEP, PICT are good. Also I have heard about MIT too. MIT Pune is also kinda good. But I don't know much about other colleges in Pune so I can't comment on it.

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@shiv_2019 mit wpu is not affiliated to Savitribai Phule University, so you won't get home university quota. Also people generally prefer pune university than wpu. PCCOE and pvg both are same level college. See which is nearer to your home

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