Manipal vs UPSEE Which one should I go for?

I am going to fill lot of forms so need your guidance I should fill the form of UPSEE Or manipal @pratyaksh_2019 , @Shwetanshu_2018

not* going to fill
I am from U.P. so my preference is UPSEE

UPSEE is the state exam of UP, i beleive, if you are from UP you should definitely give UPSEE and Manipal is a private college ,on anyday you should prefer a government University to a private college unless it is IIIT-H, CMI or similar universities

Some private universities are much better than the ‘not so famous government college’

I think manipal is a good option when it comes to private colleges

Since I'm from Karnataka I can say that Manipal University is very nice institute. Many people try there and as I have heard it has very good facilities for almost all the branches there.

Prefer Wbjee instead of UPSEE . You can fill Manipal just for backup . Afaik many colleges in west bengal are better than HBTI .

I think manipal would be a better choice because i don't think there good colleges under upsee. Also after receiving institute of eminence tag, Manipal university will fetch you a degree with greater reputation and credibility in every respective sector.