Major Guidance Needed: I want to get 70% score in JEE Adv 2020



I am a Bansal DLPD Student. I go to a local coaching in our city and have joined Allen Test Series for JEE 2020. I stated my JEE Preparation last year, there were many ups and down in my preparation. I have some strong chapters and few backlogs too. I am scoring around 250-260/360 in every Allen Jee mains test, and on an average 50% score in Allen Advanced test.

I am in a 'jack of all trades, but master of none' kind of situation. I don't feel perfection in any of the chapter till now. I have bought many books but never solved any of them except for a few chapters from all of those. Although, I have solved Bansal modules partially for all the chapters.

I find myself good in Physics and very very bad in chemistry & maths. God, why did I take Maths!!?

After this all, I need some serious guidance on how do I get that perfection one-by-one on each chapter, from these books:


  1. HC Verma
  2. Bansal & Coaching Modules
  3. Resnick Halliday
  4. NCERTs
  5. Irodov, Krotov & Pathfinder
  6. Past Year Papers


  1. Bansal & Coaching Modules
  2. A. Das Gupta
  3. Blackbook
  4. Sameer Bansal Calculus
  5. Vinay Kumar Algebra
  6. Cengage - Trigonometry
  7. SK Goyal - Co-ordinate
  8. Prilepko & SL LOney


  1. NCERTs
  2. Balaji Publication Books
  3. Modules
  4. Wiley's Theory books
  5. P Bahadur

Please guide me. I am feeling lonely and helpless. I wan't to get 70% score in JEE (A). How to increase 20% score!? Please help.

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For Maths buy tata mc graw hill mathematics for jee advanced 2020 it is the only book where examples are in format of jee advanced paper only best book for practice actually i am a dropper frok fiitjee i realised cengage is not sufficient for tough fiitjee questions like gmp of fiitjee and for physics use Bm Sharma thats it everything is ok Even if you dont want to follow bm sharma then leave it but dont leave tata mc graw hill its a modern version of ml khanna mathematics both books are of same level the difference is ml khanna is of older years version and tata mc graw hill is of current 2018,2019,2020 tougher level


I feel that you lack confidence and way too confused regarding books, don't worry you are scoring well enough in your mock tests both of Jee mains as well as advanced. Getting 50% in Jee advanced is also a very tough task, and you'll surely get a very good rank if you'll score this much in real examination.
Now coming to the books part, don't waste your time in doing multiple books, complete one -two book with full dedication and you'll realise that you have aced the subject.
For maths.
First of all do your coaching module and if you have time you can go for cengage books.
For physics.
Coaching module, hc Verma, you can do 1-2 questions from irodov (if you want to practice some high level problems)
For chemistry.
Coaching module, ms chauhan (for organic)


That gap of 20% !
I was in the same league of improving at least 20%
During my drop year, I too wanted to improve my JEE-Adv score by at least 20%
And I did it partially ... Unfortunately I didn't get what I wanted so I stayed back in the same college.
One of the major thing is that you should not leave any chapter incomplete. Contrary to the popular belief that you can leave 3-4 chapters in each subject and do the rest perfectly... You should prepare for all the chapters. Okay let us say you don't understand Electrochem, so instead of doing higher level problems in electrochem, you should at least do mains level questions. It helps at times because in adv too many a times they put simple questions ... so if you get stuck up with the difficult ones you will at least solve the easier ones and get through it. It may not be applicable to you as you already have very good scores.
Next comes the art of saying no to the time consuming questions.
It is but obvious that you cannot solve each and every question- so you must first solve completely the questions that you know you can solve and then go to the questions that need some higher thinking.
Last but not the least : Analyze your mistakes
The previous year questions, the tests you gave, the books you solved .. see for yourself the mistakes that you commonly make and try to rectify them.

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After seeing your post.i observe thst u are just loosing your confidence by thinking too much about your goals because they are not achieved yet in coaching thing i can assure u that in paer scoring 50 percent will actually made u to get in top 7 old IIT'S with good branch. Because above 50 percent very few are there. Also it will matter on that day how u perform. Be real Ed and don't think too much else it will all messing up in your mind. I believe that u can score above 50 percent also if keep yourself chill and do what u are doing until now... Hope u understand my thoughts.

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Hi @Dhriti_2020,

It seems you have a big confusion as well as a big target on board. So lets make it simple by just a simple promise, That you will at least do 40 questions of JEE Advanced level per subject daily and I can at least assure you will gain confidence and so your score will also boost. And when we talk about 70% marks in JEE Advanced than you should know that you are aiming within AIR 500 and its a tough job if I say frankly but POSSIBLE. So don't panic for the gap of 20% just don't stop your hardwork and study well. Devote at least like 10 hrs a day minimum to self study. Also start practicing mock papers at home and analyse your mistakes. If time management is making a problem to you then it will help or definitely the 40 questions per subject daily will work. The 40 questions technique really helped me to increase my problem solving ability as before exam I had almost gone through a large variety of variation of questions.
Still have any doubt, do ping me.

All the best!!!!


I think you are overburdening yourself with so many books . Frankly, solving way too many books is not the best thing you can do , see I’ll explain you with an example . Let’s say you solved circles from cengage completely, then you move on to previous year papers, isn’t it that you breeze through most of questions ? For me this happens ! But the thing is , after few months or even days ,the same question seems kind of blurry and eventually after a long span , we are unable to solve that same question quickly/accurately..
So what’s the actual problem . The problem is we tend to leave a chapter after we have “completed “ it . So there are 2 methods to keep in touch with the chapter either revise the same book ( less time consuming yet effective ) or solve some new book.
I am saying so because if you would have noticed then questions of advanced do not seem extremely tough when we are solving questions of just one chapter which we have studied recently but when combined together and solved after days that same question seems 10X difficult.
Why? Because now those concepts are a bit blurry . So instead of solving many books , if you’ll solve 1 good book and “retain” it . For sure it will boost your marks to great extent and that to with just the half of hard work you would have put in otherwise!