I had got Kiit Csse at 8k rank in round 1, while Srm offered me Cse at 13k in round 2 both at same fees 3.5 Lakh. Which should i join?
@swetank_2018 bhaiya help though i have desire to go Kiit more.

When is the last date for finalising? If it's after your Mains date, you can wait till then to see if you might get any good NIT.

Kiit final date is 25th August and Srm final date is 27th August.

Me also getting electrical in srm. Whats the refund policy of srm im the case u get selected in nit or iit

Both are very good options. CSE at any good college will be quite handy given the times. Why do you prefer KIIT.. any specific?

Because i gave exam in Kiit and got, whereas Srm i got on boards percentage and jee jan percentile.

My father is asking as Kiit is still Deemed to be university will it be a problem in placement?

What exactly is a deemed to be university?

Means Not approvedc by UGC

Not at all bro , there will be no problem

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But it's AICTE Approved which is considered for degree to be approved.

Deemed to be university means deemed university . It is just the other word of saying it

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Thank you i got it was UGC approved in 2004 just my father was confused.

At last my father decided to admit me in Srm Cse as i got main branch not side branch and srm is well established from long ago.

What did u do after paying the amount, did u send the recipt to srm mail

My last date for payment is 27th i will pay in 2 days.