JEE Mains Sept 2020 final answer key released

Now if only they could upload the result, I would be very grateful. NTA please, give me my result.


Yes bro i couldn't control my stress ful day.

I just pray that it would not be a repeat of previous year april attempt. All droppers know the feeling


What happened?

True.Let's hope our shift didn't mess it up.

Btw 2 questions were corrected in 4th sept 2nd shift

When are these guys gonna release, news wale alag maze le rhe, bol rhe aa gya :upside_down_face:.


Yeah I got only capacitor waala right but my 158 included that. Actually 3 questuon that chem integer range was increased till 3000 and stupid me threw away that 4 mark by 3001

Bro did you give the exam.

Jee mains Result announced. Got worse than last time

same for me

Our lovely NTA does this every year :slight_smile:. No wonder. :heart:.

How did you even expect they'll not do it like last year?

I am stuck in a situation worse than last year. Though I got 93 last year but i was getting VIT cs this time i am getting Literally nothing with 97.
My friends from 3 Sept 2 batch (supposed to be toughest) got 98.7 in 201.(litterally like 240/360).
My friend with 2 sep (1 batch easiest) got 98.5 with 178.
What the hell is going on.

I think this is more messed up than last year