Jee mains 3rd Sept 2020 first shift challenge answer key

Which option is correct?

I also think that the answer to this question is also wrong.....acc to me it should be 200 but as acc to the answer key it is 158

Also check for qno 2 and 4

Acc to the answer key the correct options for them are 1 and 4 respectively . According to me for Qno 2 answer should be option 3
For Q4 I think that both 3 and 4 options are correct.
Please check these

Q2 answer key is definitely wrong, since conductance increases on increase in temperature,so option a cannot be false. For q4 can you explain how pressure and molality are related, since we've only been given relation between pressure and mole fraction.

55.5 molal means 55.5 moles of gas in 1 kg of water(solvent) .1 kg water means 55.5 moles of water.hence molefraction of gas is 0.5...
But I do think that both option 3 and 4 the are correct.

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Since they haven't given much info about the gases, how can you say the solubility is lower at a high temperature?

Yes, I missed that part, thank you for enlightening...

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This from ncert see last line of first page continued to first line of last page

Also see the physics questions

Yes, this is more than enough to prove. I wasn't much clear of the theoretical part of solutions chapter and was trying to suppress Henry's law on that.

Qno 19 Please provide me it's soln

Option d will be the answer.


But 0.01 is not a option there
How do we get 0.07 from 0.01

For q2 option 3 would be correct and hence NOT the answer..(BaSO4 forms a precipitate and isn't much soluble so there are lesser ions for conducting)

Yes i also found these challengable

This time challenging fee will not be accepted even if it's wrong answer as challenging fee has been reduced to ₹200.

0.01 is in radian , multiply by 180/π to get degrees..I think the ans should be 0.57°

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I forget that the result is in radians, you have to change it to degrees. I said d because they asked close to it.