JEE Main April 2020 exam postponed due to Corono Virus?

10 year olds are also getting infected....

Good luck

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Yes, we will be able to know about that on 31st March

Yesterday an article from ntdv stated that admit card will come on 1st april

Bro 1 st april u are now scaring me :cold_face:

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I don't think it will be on 1st April as in some reports it is mentioned that MHRD closes the office of cbse and nta till 15th April. And they asked officials to work from home .

In a recent video uploaded by Mohit Tyagi sir, he has mentioned that even in the past JEE has been postponed by 2-3 months. When he had written it was postponed, and what might be likely is that they will give notice on 1st April stating that the situation is under review and further updates will be given on April 15 or something.

Prior to JEE there are many other things that need to be under normal working state (like railways) etc. They need to sanitise everything. And upon this is the fact that community transmission can only be known after a few months time. Without being 100% sure of the scenario exams can't be conducted so easily.

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well, it was scheduled on 31st March when admit cards were to be released, but then lockdown wasn't announced.

I have heard from many people that W.H.O has ordered our government to lockdown our country three months but they dont want us to panic so they are doing like first 21 days. It doesn't mean complete lockdown if situation improves they will restore for some months then again lockdown for some days.

It was fake news
Pls don't believe on whatsapp forward

Ok who knows what will be done even Modi sir hadnt planned lockdown because of mass spread he had to do. Lets see what happens on 31st march

Okay let us study more than anticipating when what happens.

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Ya but i am out of stock of some stationary too just borrowing from my sister :sweat_smile:

JEE mains has been postponed till last week of May.
HRD tweeted just now.

Refer that link please


Guys take advantage of it and prepare it as much as all can do it.


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