JEE Main April 2020 exam postponed due to Corono Virus?

There is news that jee main examination postponed due to coronavirus epidemic.
Anyone confirm it

Yes you are correct hrd minister announced some hours ago

Bro but there is no information at jee main.nic site I am confused .please if anyone has confirmation then post it

Yes its confirmed

It says between March 19 to March 31 ?

March 31 ko batayenge dates of jee so admit card on 20th March may not be released

No idea what is happening but it is not possible to conduct such a large scale examination between 5th to 10 April . So this seems correct.
It is even flashing on some hindi news channels

Yes @Bhuvanitha_2020 for a moment I got heart attack thinking it got preponed :no_mouth:


Ok let's wait for tomorrow


What are your guesses on when the jee main April attempt be rescheduled friends?

After april 15 most possible because first respective boards have to complete paper as students sit for barch too so and from this year non science students also give it. Its a rule is respective of stream he/she can't sit in jee btech/barch exam till he/she has given board exams otherwise his/her results are cancelled of jee exam

If community spread of coronavirus happens..

Then number of cases in our country grows exponentially

Then it can takes around 2 months or even more

Otherwise after 15th April ...


Yes, India is about to enter 3rd stage or is already in some regions, unfortunately. :worried:. Well, it is not confirmed that increase of heat will lower the virus. So, it is important for us to get ready for some difficult days....


I think if situation settles down till then also they have to conduct after a span of a week or 10 days

**till 15th

Well, as we can see cases are increasing continuously everyday, so it isn't easy to control in 10 days.
Even if it does, then our exams are highly unsafe with respect to current situation.

Remember, how parents and students stand outside the exam hall. How everyone go through the same thumb-biometric machine. The same computer mouse is used every shift, don't know who all had touched it.
Considering all this it is not possible for the exam centres to provide sanitizers or hand washes to everyone two to three times per shift.

1 Like true.. then it will take time .. don't think that they are going to tell anything on 31st march

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The health department and W.H.O can tell only whether exams should be conducted or not ,till yet their is no proof yet children can get this infection or not