JEE Main 4th September 2020 1st shift challenge


I'm getting the answer as 4.45

Hey, I think there is mistake in two more answers in answer key from numerical section of physics. The digits in the decimal places aren't reported there.
One question is about diff between largest and shortest wavelengths in pashcen series and other is about eqm temperature when two gases are mixed.

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266.67 and 10553.14

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Pls check for compound microscope.

Pls check

Yes 266.67 from ideal gas question

I marked the exact same responses but in the answer key it is showing 266 and 10553.00


Same happened with me in January attempt but no one in goiit agreed except one

Also the photoelectric q they gave 2.27 as ans but if we calculate we get 2.06 as ans ( approx 2.10 option ) do anyone also have doubt in this

Can anyone confirm?

Yes the diagram is wrong

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Is anyone challenging these questions?

If you consider the point on graph (5.5, 0) the given answer is correct.

You should also challenge.