JEE Main 2020 Pattern Changed by NTA!




When was it to be conducted if there was no change in pattern ? Just asking, mine is next week and we haven't been informed


Initially October but there is another droppers batch who's phase test was to be conducted in this coming Sunday and monday but has been postponed to next week and paper will be made in new pattern


Hey, guys nta has mentioned numerical questions in his notice is that mean integer or something else? Many coaching institutions are also confused about this


In information brochure there is nothing mentioned like that it will be integer type . So most probably it will be full numerical based question.


Numerical based questions will be asked of format XX.XXXX, something like this. I think so

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XXXX.XX type.


Where did you confirm this from?


Generally numerical type implies such type of questions


Our sir told this. Bansal Classes Kota.

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integer type??


Yeah the numerical questions




I have paid the registration fees for jee mains 2020 but on the page of nta they are not showing.. they are showing that the payment of fees is still left.. what should I do now ...pls someone help...


Top left there must be a thing to raise concerns, try that!


Have tried n they have given a reference code ...shall I have to pay again or wait for a day


Wait , nd mail them ..
Same happened to me last year .
They will settle it if they have received the money ..
Also send them them the proof that money is deducted .