JEE Adv 2020 to be held in August. Whats your strategy for next 3 months?

Now that JEE advanced is to be held in August, what are you planning (as in what material to do and month wise strategy) to do in the next 3-months?


Also, should I do Irodov in this time? I have already done parts of mechanics but the rest hasn't been touched.

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In my opinion, solving PYQs and giving a lot a mock tests(+ complete analysis) may suffice.

What is PYQ?

Previous Year Questions and moreover he is correct I.E Irodov is not so more important in these year jee Advanced

Then revise the mechanics part only. I said this because if you start the other chapters now then it will take long time to complete.

Now how is Irodov not that important???

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Yeah irodov is very important to do for some chapter while at the same time being futile for some others.....

For which chapters would you find futile??

Relativistic mechanics portion in mechanics
Conductors and dielectrics in an electric field in electrodynamics
Questions based on luminosity and luminance and many portions here and there which aren't in JEE syllabus....

Irodov is a very nice book

Our teacher told us