Jadavpur MechE vs Manipal CSE

  • Jadavpur MechE
  • Manipal CSE

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Honestly, why does every forum seem to prefer Manipal over one of the best public universities in the country, one with strong research tie-ups and reputation? :confused:

Mostly due to it's placements in CSE

hey man ... will meet you at JU ... same dept. here incase you choose to continue

It depends. My first choice is EP at one of the IITs. If I don't get that, I will end up choosing Jadavpur

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nice ... i am also opting for IIT's .. if i don't a good branch in top 10 IIT's i will choose Jadavpur too

Bro first tell are you getting Manipal Main college that is Manipal only or side colleges like Jaipur Or Sikkim one if you are getting the other two i will straighlty prefer you to go Jadavpur and is there no branch upgradation available in Jadavpur? If available try it.

I haven't even applied to Manipal. I was on another JEE based forum and saw this same poll on there, and everyone was saying Manipal. I was curious what goIIT thought about this situation. But yeah, I honestly don't care about placement stats in the slightest since I plan on going into research in the future. And Jadavpur's reputation in research is excellent.

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Then go for it no look for Manipal moreover a government college has far more benefits than Private college. So then take Jadavpur.

there is branch upgradation in JU

no there isn't

read up on quora i heard branch change is allowed after a year

Branch change is not allowed. Since from 1st semester itself, different branches have different syllabus.

https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/kolkata/ju-set-to-allow-stream-change-in-engg-2nd-yr/articleshow/62045125.cms check this out

Yeah "Set to". JU hasn't gotten the NBA tag yet, and as of now, the syllabus is branch specific from 1st sem itself.

that article was of 2017... so like have to ask seniors

I asked my friend studying IT in Jadavpur. He confirmed.