Is vmc study material enough for cracking JEE?


I'm in class 11 at vmc. I need to know that is vmc materials enough for cracking iit, if no then please suggest other books for all three subjects and if yes then suggest some ways to get best out of it.please suggest some mistakes that I should not commit while preparation in two years for ex:question solving methods, particularly focusing on any topic or anything else whatever you can.please suggest some best tips for these two years


See, according to some vmc teachers, vmc material is enough for jee advanced. It is up to the student to solve any other material.
It is totally up to you, if you feel that you need more practise then do solve other material. I think vmc material is enough for jee advanced.
I would suggest you not to solve jee main pattern questions of vmc supplementary booklet of some chapter because it is irrevelant.
Second, always do question in a time limit. Pick up some questions and do them in a given time interval. It will increase your speed.
Do not just run for other books. First complete vmc material and then solve other books if you have time. Never leave any test in these 2 years even if you are not prepared.


I myself am a student of VMC and best suitable to answer this. Yes the VMC study material is sufficient to crack JEE Advanced. You have to trust them and follow it religiously.
VMC has made a lot of effort in making a good quality study material for JEE. If you follow it the way you are told to then nobody can stop you from cracking JEE Advanced.

All the best