Is there any question wrong in jee main april 8th 2019 shift 2?


Is there any question wrong in JEE Main April 8th 2019 Shift 2? Also has anyone challenged any question till now?

Wrong questions that you are planning to challenge from JEE Main April 2019 (all shifts)?

Yes there are few !

Answer should be B but NTA has given D.

Answer should be None because there is a printing mistake in the question.

This is debatable as they mentioned an and
between the two complexes which makes them to be two separate complex which finally will make no sense. So it depends on how NTA interpret it and give bonus or not.

Hope someone challenges these questions!


The first one is correct. I asked my teacher ( I study at FIITJEE Amritsar Center) and he said he looked for a research paper and according to it substitution would take place and not salt formation ( he said that this question is actually very tough and one could not do it unless he has a great knowledge about structures of DNA in which the given N atom is used for bonding.

The second one is a bit ambigous. The question is correct actually. What many people are doing is that they are thinking that the whole expression including x is in the denominator. However, if we look more closely, it is only the power that is in denominator. So I am not sure that NTA would call that question a bonus or not.

The third one has ambiguous language. It should be given a bonus. I hope that the authorities take it seriously.


Ok in first one I don't think they would expect us to know something so deep and I feel they should still opt for b option as correct
Second one yes we are reading it wrong because they have printed it so badly.. They have extended the line between the numerator and denominator which makes x in the denominator rather than x having a fractional power so it is a mistake from their side.
Hope they correct all answers.


@Gurnoor_Singh Can you tell me why option 2 is wrong?


It is a standard reaction in NCERT and in such reaction benzaldehyde forms. The only logic to make alcohol is that chlorine exerts electron withdrawing effect. But since the effect would be inductive only, it would be negligible due to long distance over which it has to operate.


@Gurnoor_Singh can u check this ques

Why not 2?


I think option D should be correct because it is the only one in which a stable carbocation forms.

There is no possibility of a stable carbocation formation in 2.


2 has backbonding na?


But it is by 3p 2p which is very weak. It is the reason we neglect resonance effect of halogens in EAS.


Thanks alot



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@Gurnoor_Singh Can you tell me the reason behind attachment of only 2 chlorine to carbon and not 1 or 3? (talking about post #6)

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I Don't know the reason. I had just crammed the reaction from NCERT.


Ok buddy!


The first one is incorrect too. Look at the double bond at the centre. None of the options is having it. This indicates loss of aromaticity. Allen has also given it as bonus. Also, the answer for question on EM waves is wrong. Binomial theorem question is clearly a printing error. Not so sure if they’ll consider the coordination compound question. They should though.


Have you (or anyone you know) challenged the first question?

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I did.

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What other questions did u challange (or someone u know challenged )? @Ankit_m


This question has also wrong option.

I asked my teacher. He also said that option b is correct. Nta has given option d right.
You can check the solution here.
(P.S. the direction is taken (-k) as in the question B=xx(kx +wt) so it will travel in -ve z direction)

Please guide me should i challenge this?
Are there any other arguments regarding this question?

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